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Weight extruder < 29kg / 64lbs
Total height 920mm / 34”
With 230mm / 9”
Depth 340mm / 13.5”
Screw diameter 25mm / ”
Compression ratio 1:3
Mounting on robot aluminium mount
Nozzle-bracket dist. 435mm / 7.1”
Heat zones 4
Cooling zone 1 (material inlet)
Heat control Siemens PID
Cooling water cooled
Control system Siemens S7-1200
Human machine interface Siemens KTP-700
Software CEAD custom
Power Servo motor 0.75 kw
Drive system Siemens servo motor
Heating power 1,7kw
Extruder control RPM, servo motor
RPM control Internal controllable by HMI or Externally with 0-10v or 4-20ma or externally connected to your robot / system
Material transport Integrated
Material storage >25kg / >55lbs
Material transport max. distance 20 meter (10 meter is standard)
Material transport control system Automatic by CEAD custom software
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Material Filler material
ABS Thermocomp ac004xxar1 20% Carbon fibre
ABS Thermocomp af004xxar1 20% Glass fibre
Arnite (PET) 50% Glass fibre
Nylon PA6 10% Carbon fibre
PET 30% Glass fibre
PESU, electrafill 1810 Carbon fibre
PP 30% Glass fibre
PP 50% Glass fibre
PPS 30% Carbon fibre
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